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What the critics have to say about Adrian's books:

Pirates of Barbary

Jonathan Cape/Riverhead (2010), 368pp.
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The Verneys: A True Story of Love, War and Madness in Seventeenth-Century England

Jonathan Cape/Riverhead (2007), 500pp.
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By Permission of Heaven:
The Story of the Great Fire of London

Pimlico (2004), 425pp.
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A vivid, masterly study… enough to chill – or perhaps one should say heat up - the blood
Antonia Fraser

Like some dynamic fire-sprite, Tinniswood leaps from rooftop to rooftop, section to section of his colourful tale; from war, politics, crown and populace to disaster and renewal…Deeply satisfying

Admirably researched and highly evocative… By Permission of Heaven is a fine history

More than just a gripping account of the Great Fire… With immense skill, Adrian Tinniswood uncovers the cross-currents of special interests that the disaster brought into play… [a] marvellously readable book
Daily Mail

The Art Deco House: Avant-Garde Houses of the 1920s and 1930s

Mitchell Beazley (2005), 176pp.
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You really can’t go wrong with this fantastic book… it’s certainly a must-have for all Art Deco enthusiasts
Traditional Homes & Interiors

An essential reference for those interested in Art Deco
Irish Homes

The Arts and Crafts House

Mitchell Beazley (2005), 192pp.
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This authoritative book
Metro London

The perfect guide for those interested in the history of architecture or for anyone who may want to recreate the style in their own home
Period Ideas

An intelligent text filled with biographical detail on Morris and his peers, on the Movement itself, and on its enduring influence accmpanies stunning photographs… an elegant tribute
The Good Book Guide

His Invention So Fertile:
A Life of Christopher Wren

Pimlico (2002), 480pp.
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The most engaging non-fiction I’ve come across recently
Jeremy Paxman, Observer

Lively, knowledgeable, affectionate … A fine biography
Jenny Uglow, Sunday

Powered by an engrossing passion for its subject … the scale and scope of [Wren’s] achievements are left standing clearer than ever
Andrew Motion, Financial Times

This lively sympathetic and hugely informative biography brings us closer to Wren than ever before.
Frances Spalding, Independent

Tinniswood's is the latest in a long line of books on this extraordinary man and his enduring works. It will hold its place among them
New York Times

The Polite Tourist: Country House Visiting in the Age of Jane Austen

The National Trust/Abrams (1998), 216pp.
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Entertaining and scholarly… [an] elegant tour
New York Times

An excellently researched explanation of the rise in popularity of the country house
Victorian Society

Visions of Power: Architecture and Ambition from Ancient Rome to Modern Paris

Mitchell Beazley/Stewart Tabori & Chan (1998), 192pp.
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An enjoyable book… Tinniswood has been so clever
Front Row, BBC Radio 4

This compelling book… thoroughly readable and full of fascinating insights
Evening Echo

An intriguing examination of the link between people, power and architecture… the scope of the book is impressive… fascinatingly informative
Birmingham Post

Life in the English Country Cottage

Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1995, softcover edition 1997), 216pp.
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Adrian Tinniswood’s Life in the English Country Cottage is a worthy homage… Lavishly presented and imaginatively researched, it explores the reality of life behind those idyllic exteriors…
The Independent

Tinniswood manages to make these people real
The Sunday Times

Country Houses from the Air

Weidenfeld & Nicolson (1994, softcover edition 1997), 160pp.
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A fascinating perspective on 40 of England’s most awe-inspiring and beautiful mansions, castles and palaces… a fascinating insight into the colourful characters instrumental in the design and history of these impressive old houses
Country Themes

Historic Houses Handbook

The National Trust (1993), 207pp.
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The Historic Houses Handbook provides details about the architecture, history, and contents of the house, including those one can visit by appointment only

Historic Houses of the National Trust

The National Trust/Abrams (1991), 320pp.
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A magnificent volume
Sunday Independent

Thoroughly readable and informative
Reference Reviews

Of interest to anyone planning a trip to the British Isles
Morning Star, Fort Worth

A breathtaking record of 200 classic buildings
Boston Globe







Adrian Tinniswood
Photo: Helen Rogers